3D Laser Scanning

Laser scanning services

3D laser scanning is a complementary service to the structural design services offered by our company. Using this state-of-the-art technology, we can survey existing structures, create as-built plans, and check the quality of works. 3D Laser Scanning provides an excellent BIM design support, and it can even be used for virtual inspections. With the help of 3D laser scanning, we can determine the exact position of equipment and pipes without using scaffolding and determine the volume of tanks or reservoirs. Because scanning can be done remotely and takes very little time compared to traditional methods, the risk of accidents at work is reduced and service interruptions are avoided.

Equipment and Software

Currently we are using a Faro Focus 3D, a high-precision 3D laser scanner designed for capturing accurate and detailed point cloud data. It utilizes advanced laser technology to rapidly capture millions of data points in just a few minutes, creating a highly accurate and detailed digital representation of a physical space or object.

The Point Cloud is created using the Recap Package from Autodesk.

Pricing starting from 30 euro / scan

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